Stephen Willats

Making a Rich Connection, 2008

'This multichannel diagram shows a progression from objects to people, exploring the tendency to see people as objects when one has less information about them. The more connections there are, the more person-based the diagram becomes, building identities that change as more links are established between people, until relationships advance to a more intimate state and hierarchies begin to dissolve... reflecting Willats' ongoing concern to move away from objective thinking and deterministic cultures of certainty, monuments, objects and hierarchies - which he describes as 'last-century thinking' - to show new models of the world that can embrace relativity, fluidity and transience.'
Emily Pethick, Spaces of Interaction, in Stephen Willats Art Society Feedback, pub. Badischer Kunstverein, 2010

Stephen Willats: Making a Rich Connection

90cm x 114cm. Photographic prints, photographic dye, ink, acrylic, water colour on paper