Stephen Willats

Contemporary Programme

Living with Practical Realities, May 2023

Living with Practical Realities

1978 Living with Practical Realities, Panel 1

Room 17, Walk Through British Art, Tate Britain


Coded: Art Enters the Computer Age, 1952 - 1982, May 2023

Coded: Art Enters the Computer Age, 1952 - 1982

Homeostat Drawing No 1 1969/2023

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Feb - July 2023

A Tall Order - Rochdale Art Gallery in the 1980s, May 2023

A Tall Order - Rochdale Art Gallery in the 1980s

Escape with us into the Night - 1982 - photo: Bev Bytheway

A Tall Order - Rochdale Art Gallery in the 1980s
4 Feb - 6 May 2023
Touchstones Gallery, Rochdale

Atlas of Modernity Exercises, May 2023

Atlas of Modernity Exercises

Variable Shift Machine No 1, 1963

Muzeum Sztuki



Attracting The Attractor, May 2023

Attracting The Attractor

Attracting The Attractor
Stephen Willats
May 2019
First edition published by Claire de Rouen in an edition of 500.
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Control Magazine Issue 21, May 2023

Control Magazine Issue 21

New issue of Control Magazine edited by Stephen Willats.
Contributors:  Helen Walker & Harun Morrison - They Are Here, Pete Clark, Lucie Kolb, Gary Bratchfod & Robert Parkinson, Rebecca Davies & Eva Sajovic - Peoples Bureau, Eliana Otta, Stephen Willats, Javier Calderon - Chalton Gallery£15 + postage
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Control: Publishing as Cybernetic Practice, May 2023

Control: Publishing as Cybernetic Practice

Stephen Willats interview by Sarah Hamerman, in Avant:



Wall Print, May 2023

Wall Print

1980 Wall Print

27cm wide x 30cm high.
Media:- Letterpress block on cloth paper with Letraline applied by hand.
Edition of 150 prints.
£600-00 + p&p
To purchase contact:

At the end of the 1970’s Stephen Willats was working in the Märkisches Viertel in Berlin when he noticed the drawings made by children on the walls of the tower block in which they lived. The drawings were territorial, in that the children of each housing block made the drawings at the base of their own block, depicting a life which seemed to be in stark contrast to the modernist reality of their surroundings.
The Berlin Wall ran past the end of these housing blocks and Willats noticed that one of the children had drawn a small house on one of the walls.  It struck him that the drawing represented an archetypal family house with smoke coming out of the chimney as opposed to the reality of their tower block apartment, and he subsequently photographed the position of the drawing as seen through the concrete columns beneath the housing block where he was working and then he took another photograph closer up.   In Wall Print, the black line made by Stephen Willats connects the children's dream with the actual reality.

This wall print was made for an exhibition by Jurgen Schweinebraden in his gallery, East Berlin, July 1980

Night Portraits Limited Edition, May 2023

Night Portraits Limited Edition

Night Portraits, 1983

A limited edition of 24 images specially made for the exhibition: Inside the Night at Galerie Balice Hertling Paris and available from the Galerie
Galerie Balice Hertling
84 rue des Gravilliers 75003 Paris
Tel:  +33 (0) 9 79 42 96 99

Publications by Stephen Willats, May 2023

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Control Magazine, May 2023

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