Stephen Willats

In Isolation Leben, 1980

In Isolation Leben, Living in Isolation was made in Gropiusstadt, a large housing complex in the South of West Berlin, with one of the residents, Klaus Müller. It centres on the physical and psychological pressures of isolation from living in a modern housing development and the individual’s need to push back and express their personal identity.

He lived in a huge tower block in Fritz-Eller Allee and it seemed to represent a particularly strong and polemical symbol of isolation.The photographic images show the anonymous blocks, the interior of the apartment and symbols of objects and associated actions which can represent possible contact with other people and the community around about.

Stephen Willats: In Isolation Leben

Panel One

Stephen Willats: In Isolation Leben, Panel Two

Panel Two

Stephen Willats: In Isolation Leben, Panel Three

Panel Three

Stephen Willats: In Isolation Leben, Panel Four

Panel Four