Stephen Willats

Going Forward - Multiple Clothing, 1998

'Going Forward is a helmet for the modern life of today, that at all times projects your presence and proclaims your identity into the interpersonal zone that lies before you. Individual letters displayed on text squares build up to form whatever identity or messages you want to display on the felt pad at the front of the helmet.
The text squares are backed with velcro so that they can immediately be fixed on the pad and then easily changed as you come across people and invite them to develop the message. Going Forward has an immediate impact on your relationships with other people, and in their relationship with you, disturbing the space between you to excite a creative reaction and to carry you forward in a journey of exchange.'
Multiple Clothing, Designs 1965 - 1999, Stephen Willats, pub. Walther König, Cologne, 2000

Stephen Willats: Going Forward - Multiple Clothing

Going Forward - Multiple Clothing, 1998. 52cm x 64cm. Poster paint, ink, Letraset text on paper