Stephen Willats

Every Day and Every Night, 1984

Two panels each 98cm x 136cm
Photographic prints, photographic dye, acrylic paint, found objects on card
'I think one could sum it up now, that the difference from what I noticed in the 70's to the 80's, is that in the 70's there was a tolerance, and in the 80's or the late 70's I noticed this tolerance had disappeared and it was replaced by a kind of aggression. I wouldn't say by intolerance, but by a nervous aggression, and it is this that I embodied in the sensibility of my work. To actually confront the audience with a kind of reality that was not normal, that they would be unlikely to be able to ever enter as a participant. Yet nevertheless they can recognise that there's a strong generative force in this culture that is actually generating things around them. So, really I am trying to confront the audience with the new sensibility, which is different from my work of the 70's...'
Meeting the Doppelgängers, Performance, No 36, Aug/Sept 1985

Stephen Willats: Every Day and Every Night, Panel One

Panel One

Stephen Willats: Every Day and Every Night, Panel Two

Panel Two