Stephen Willats

Creative Noise - Multiple Clothing, 1997

'As you move through the mosaic of sounds that stem from going about daily life, so your attitudes and moods towards other people are affected by what noise and audio signals you encounter. Creative Noise enables you to respond to the sounds you come across, whether they are specific, signal, or more ambient and environmental, by reprogramming them and relaying the altered sound back into the environment you are passing through.
Sounds are received in a microphone positioned on the front of Creative Noise, and then modified by you setting up conditions in a 'Control Centre' through an interface consisting of a small keyboard housed on the garment's sleeves. speakers are inbuilt into the back of Creative Noise so that white sounds can be distorted in the Control Centre by changing pitch, frequency and volume, a playback of them can also be delayed to leave a trace behind your immediate passage, signalling your recent presence.
Matt black rubber cloth is used as the main fabric to house all the various component parts, and this gives Creative Noise a contemporary feeling that is also very practical.'
Multiple Clothing - Designs 1965 - 1999, Stephen Willats, pub. Walther König, Cologne, 2000

Stephen Willats: Creative Noise - Multiple Clothing

Creative Noise - Multiple Clothing, 1997. 52.5cm x 64cm. Poster paint, ink, Letraset text on paper